Friday, February 26, 2016

Why April is a "hot" month on Sanibel

Although Sanibel has become a year round destination, some months are busier than others.

As one might expect of a winter retreat, February is the most popular month of all.   Many people use it to escape the cold and snow and release them from their cabin fever.

But the second most popular month is not in winter but in spring, a very special time on island. 

The many school holidays in April are among the reasons the Island is so popular in April.  But there are other factors that come into play.

April is generally the month where rates drop, making a vacation during that time period more attractive.  They do not drop to half of high season prices, but the month is more often than not considered shoulder season and a 25 to 30 percent decrease in vacation rental prices is typical.  The decrease combined with the fact that the weather is warmer, the Gulf of Mexico is warmer and the days are longer can make Sanibel irresistible in April.

And for birders, a growing number of visitors for Sanibel, April provides an additional incentive.

April and early May are great times to observe migratory birds on the Island. This time period will offer birds in breeding plumage, behavior, and chicks for some species.

And exploring the island, whether by beach or bike path, is especially nice in the month of April.  Typically, there is little rain, low humidity, great shelling , nice breezes and nights just cool enough to necessitate a light sweater or light blanket , even with the AC off and windows open.

So, if you have not made your vacation plans yet, think Sanibel, think April.  We are confident you will like what you find here!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Condo or house: Sanibel's Choices

Choices for Sanibel vacation rentals, as detailed in our last post, often revolve around location. 

Where one wants to be on the Island, helps to shape the option chosen in making a booking.

Similarly, how one wants to live on vacation, has a tremendous impact on whether a private home or condominium will best meet your needs.

For some, it is an easy choice, as there are few condos that can comfortably accommodate a party of six.  So for the family or group of friends looking to spend a month on Island, the gravitation toward a home is a logical choice.

A home not only offers the necessary number of bedrooms, it provides more privacy and more options for where and how to gather during monthly stays.  Larger kitchens offer tables for those evenings where playing cards is the night's activity, a comfy space for having some chips and dip at the card table.

But if pool parties are more your  style for your friends and family, some Island homes can give you a private retreat where you can laze in the sun or sit and read a book.

For the smaller group, especially those looking for a shorter vacation, a condo will make more sense.

The 28 night minimum applies to almost all houses on Sanibel, very few were grandfathered from that restriction.  But in addition to compliance, convenience and social interaction may be important to some vacationers. 

Even those homes that have pools, have relatively small pools, while a condo complex will have a much larger place to swim.  For lap swimmers, the size will be very important.  And there are visitors who welcome the company of others while they are on holiday.  The social interaction is much facilitated in a condo stay.  This could be a pivotal point in a family's special enjoyment of a vacation when there are other kids for theirs to play with and talk to.

All vacationers should consider the options open to them when choosing Sanibel as a destination.  And those who work with an agency have the added benefit of being able to discuss them with an objective booking agent.  Our agents are knowledgeable about our properties and if you have specific concerns in mind, we can counsel you on the best choices for your stay and direct you to them.

Vacationers always have the best time when the weather cooperates and they feel comfortable and secure in their accommodations.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

East or West side? Sanibel Location Alternatives!

So now you have made the crucial decision.

Sanibel Island is going to be your go to or return to vacation destination.

Good decision!

But the options of East End or West End still looms large.

There are great choices for accommodations on either end of the island, and compelling reasons for each special location.

Coming across our beautiful causeway, the options lie right and left.  The left turn will take you to the furthest east end of the island.  There, in addition to lovely condos to choose from, you have the added attractions of the Sanibel Lighthouse, the Sanibel Pier, and one of the most "Islandy" eateries on Sanibel, Gramma Dot's.  Easy access to the causeway is also an advantage for anyone looking to travel often onto the main land.

The right turn will take you down to the West End of the Island.  Both private homes and condos can be found west, as well as Ding Darling Nature Preserve, the entrance onto Captiva Island and the best shelling beach on Sanibel.

Of course we have not mentioned that between East and West lies mid-island, a location many favor because of the preponderance of shops and restaurants in this middle strip, not to mention the delightful natural preserve of the Bailey Tract. 

But one of the very best aspects of Sanibel holiday making is that you can have the best of all possible worlds in one stay.

The island is only 12 miles long, so getting from one end to the other is a simple thing, both by car and by bike.

So, spend your morning on the west end, collecting shells.  Come a little further north and ride your bike through Ding Darling.  Watch the birds beg for fish and play along the bay at the Pier during sunset.

And end the day with dinner at Gramma Dot's.

Or do the same things the opposite way.  You can't go wrong no matter what!