Thursday, July 28, 2016

What to pack for your Sanibel Holiday

Now that Sanibel Island has become a year round destination, the climate differences are important to note when preparing for your vacation.

In the cooler high season months, layering in packing clothing is always well advised.

Our winters are sunny and bright, but temperatures can certainly drop into the 60's during the day, and, occasionally even less at night.

For the most part, you need not worry about rain during the entirety of high season.  It is an infrequent event and short lived.

A sweater to throw on when the sun goes down and the breezes pick up is usually sufficient wear to star or moon gaze on those chillier nights.  Long pants probably make more sense than shorts as well.  During any visit, good foot ware-----sneakers or walking shoes----are advisable, particularly if you intend to walk or bike.  Flip flops are fun and cool on the feet, but not the best alternative when you are really using your feet.

But summer and early fall offer more interesting opportunities to contemplate.

It would be unusual to need more than shorts and light tops for off season vacationing, and , of course, a bathing suit or two is a must. So that part of the packing is easy and very quickly accomplished.

But the rest of the suitcase can and should accommodate special needs.  Our rains off season can be heavy even though they are both predictable and brief.  Do bring an umbrella for those 2 and 3 hour down pours.

And the 3 mile walk you can do in winter without breaking a sweat will leave you a bit wilted in summer if you are not prepared.  Many long distance walkers on the island carry small packs where they keep water and wash cloths for those hot and humid treks through the nature preserve.

Sunscreen is a must any season but particularly so in off season, as is bug repellent.  Beautiful and lush, Sanibel has the best the sunny tropics have to offer, and that comes with the downsides of mosquitoes and sun burn.

Regardless of the season, though most vacation rentals offer games and books, it's always nice to bring those you and your family enjoy.  Such pleasant distractions add to the fun of going out to dinner or a movie.

And when ever the visit, keep in mind that Sanibel is a natural treasure.  There will be so many opportunities presented for picture taking, whether birds or seashells or dolphins playing in the waves.  So do bring your camera.

If you are a return visitor and can think of anything we left out, please let us know.  Our goal, always, is to help you find the best possible ways to enjoy our little island.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Little Treats Pave Way to and off Sanibel Island

We remember when building the new causeway that connects Fort Meyers to Sanibel Island evoked lots of disturbing thoughts.

Though it was a necessary project, eliminating the traffic and waits for the old causeway to raise the bridge for big boats, the concerns persisted.

Will the new connection enhance the beauty of our barrier island?

Will the authenticity of Sanibel be compromised?

Will there be an added value for a Sanibel holiday in having a bigger venue of transportation?

We did not need to worry.

The new causeway is a stairway to heaven, ascending upwards into the sky and creating the best view around of the bay, gulf and island itself.

The causeway creates a very positive and dramatic entrance onto the island.

But the greatest benefits are not bricks and mortar.

The two islands created with the new structure are the most special aspects.

As you are traveling from the mainland towards Sanibel Island you will pass through a D.O.T. Toll booth (toll is $6 , no fee required for park use) then crossover a "sky" bridge and arrive at the first island, referred to as "Island A". If you continue on, you will crossover another "flat" bridge and arrive at the second island referred to as "Island B".  Both islands have been a very popular destination since built and can be accessed from the water as well. Some of the activities enjoyed are fishing, wading/swimming (beware of submerged structures), picnicking, canoeing/kayaking, (no launching or retrieval of vessels, this would include both aerial and water type crafts), wind surfing, kite boarding, shelling, sun bathing or just plain relaxing in the shade.  Island "A" has parking only. Island "B" offers restrooms, drinking fountains (located on each side of the road) and a few picnic tables on the gulf side. Grilling is permitted, so feel free to bring your own. No ground fires permitted. No alcoholic beverages allowed. Leashed pets welcomed but, please remember to clean up after your pet.

So now our Island has other islands that share its basic, water, palm trees and pelicans.  Perfect~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Some Advice on Pet Friendly Sanibel

Sanibel Island is a haven for all creatures,  great and small.

Wild life abounds and accommodations are made for those who travel with their pets.

Many condos and private homes allow vacationers to bring their four legged companions with them.

Some restrict canines by size and weight, but there are those who even allow more than one dog.

Most beaches invite pooches to walk the shore line as long as they are on a leash.

And you can find good veterinary care as well as pet sitters right on island.

So there is no reason not to bring your best friend with you.

But some precautions are in order so that both you and your pet will have the best possible time.

Even though your vacation rental allows pets ,  life is easier when you protect the residence from any potential reactions on the part of your pet.  Covering up upholstered furniture, keeping your pet caged while you are out or closing off rooms that are most vulnerable will all be beneficial actions for you and your special tail wagger.

But the outside precautions are even more important to heed.

Pets should never be kept in a car with no one in attendance.  Heat and humidity can be intense on Sanibel, and even open windows will not be sufficient.  Pets should never be given room to roam outside of the home.  There are many predators on the island , from alligators to birds of prey, that could attack your little one.  And, if you like to walk, bike or jog with your dog by your side, remember to bring some water along for your pet and yourself. Lastly, though it is great fun to bring Fido to the beach, the sun is just as hot for 4 leggers as they are for 2 leggers, so do bring your little pal under the umbrella with you.

And one final piece of advice on pet friendly vacations.  Pet friendly properties are the first to get rented, so if you really want one, the earlier you look and the sooner you book, the better!